Make A Donation 


We are an Institution of a Public Character (IPC) and Charity under the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY).  The Singapore Government will recognise your support of MTL as an IPC by 250% tax relief, potential eligibility for Patron of the Arts Award nomination, and will provide other government funding for MTL. 

You can donate any of these ways:


1)  To donate by PayNow, please make payment to our UEN Number '200614780G'    


How to use PayNow  

Step 1: Log in to your bank's existing internet banking or mobile banking app. and find their tab for  PayNow.

Step 2: At the PayNow transfer screen, click "One-Time transfer", and enter UEN number '200614780G' and the amount to be transferred.

Step 3: Indicate Tax Deductible Donation (TD)/Non Tax Deductible Donation (NTD), Donor's Name and Contact No. (optional), i.e. 'NTD Mary Lee 98005678', under the details/message column.  

Step 4: Verify that Musical Theatre Ltd. is the recipient's name (as registered on PayNow), and proceed to confirm the transfer.

Note: Above is just a general guide and actual steps may vary slightly for different banks. 

Please send us your personal particulars (NRIC number, email or address) separately in order to enjoy tax relief and/or to receive a receipt. See below for details. Alternatively, if you shared your contact number/detail as per above, we will contact and follow up with you directly on the donation.   

2)   For cheque donation, please issue crossed cheque payable to ‘Musical Theatre Ltd’. Mail it to us at:-


Musical Theatre Ltd. 

20 Shaw Road #05-05
Ching Shine Industrial Building 
Singapore 367956  

Note: Please indicate donor's name, identification number and contact details at the back of the cheque for tax relief purposes.    

3)  For on-line donation by credit card or direct bank transfer, please go to Giving.SG (click here)


You will need to log in to,  or create a new account with password in order to donate via the portal.  Please type 'Musical Theatre Limited' under the search column to locate us or simply use the link above.  

For all Donations, tax relief of 250% will automatically appear in your income tax account, when we register it.


To enjoy this benefit (for option 1 & 2 above), kindly email ( us your Full Name, NRIC/FIN/Passport/Company Registration Number (mandatory), mailing address/email (optional) and dedication (if any) within 3 days after making the donation and we will be issuing a tax deductible receipt accordingly.  By sharing your personal data, you have consented that MTL may use the information for donation and relevant purposes. Otherwise, a non-tax deductible receipt will be issued instead.  

Feel free to contact us at or +65 8609 0625 (Mon - Fri, 9 am to 5 pm), if you need any assistance or require further information. We look forward to your generous support.